Interviews and Other Public Appearances

Some interviews, and other public appearances by me that were recorded.

Interview with the Manuscript Appraisal Agency

My interview with Mirren Hogan

My blog tour for Broken Prophecy

My blog tour for The Drachengott

A podcast with my buddy Jack Heath

An interview with Fiona McVie, in which I talk about my views on religion

An interview with Festivale – includes a rather good picture of me!

A discussion panel held at the University of Canberra between Garth Nix, Morris Gleitzman, radio personality Genevieve Jacobs, and four keen teenage readers. With an introduction by yours truly, as well as my mentor Belle Alderman, who said some very nice things about me.

A video interview with Dark Matter Fanzine, recorded at the Melbourne Supanova in 2013.

Speeches from the launch of The Shadowed Throne. With myself and Jack Heath once again!

A brief clip of me talking about the writing process. Filmed by the UC Distinguished Alumni Network.

An August 2012 interview with Melicious – a blog for girls, about girls.

A 2012 Interview with the Monitor Magazine About the Launch of Shadow’s Heir

A Video of Speeches from the Launch of The Shadow’s Heir. Featuring myself and the always-charming Jack Heath!

The Epic Fantasy Panel at the 2011 ComicCon Featuring me and six other, much bigger names. I was so nervous beforehand I asked for a sick bag – and got it. Luckily I didn’t end up needing it.

Me on Stateline One of my first ever public appearances, and on TV no less!

Speeches from the Launch of The Griffin’s War Featuring myself and Dr Tony Eaton

An Interview with Tom McCoy. A journalism student and friend of my father, who interviewed me for an assignment. We got a High Distinction!

My very first interview, with ABC radio. I was so nervous I nearly puked in the waiting room. True story.

Speeches From the Launch of The Dark Griffin. Once again, featuring myself and Dr Tony Eaton. Listen carefully and you can hear me getting all choked up during my own speech. It was an emotional moment.

A Text Interview. With the legandary Marian Perera!