Happy Australia Day

Hey there everyone, and Happy Australia Day!

There was a much longer posting here originally, but I have decided to remove it for decency’s sake. Basically, the short version was that I explained how Cymria, like my own country, was originally inhabited by a different race – until the ancestors of its current occupants arrived and wiped them out.

Australia Day commemorates the day in which white people first arrived in Australia, so needless to say it’s a bit of a controversial celebration since Australia’s original inhabitants are still very much alive and not very happy about the treatment they’ve been getting. Which is probably why, yesterday, a group of protesters attacked our Prime Minister and stole one of her shoes.

Anyway, in light of that my original post seemed a bit too on-the-nose, so I’ve removed it. The only other thing I mentioned in it was that my third trilogy, which I’m currently writing, has a Southerner as the protagonist, and I’ve titled it The Southern Star. Very patriotic.

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