I hate Valentine’s day. Always have. I’m not sure exactly why, since I’m a bit of a romantic at heart and normally seeing happy couples together makes me go “aw” and feel a bit wistful.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of the occasion, here is a link to one of my favourite love songs from highschool. Makes me realise how long ago 2002 really was. I still really like this song, though.

I particularly like the chorus, which includes the words “you’re everywhere to me/when I close my eyes, it’s you I see”.

Rather creepily, and perhaps sadly, after some thought I realised that in my case this song would not be referring to anyone who actually exists; generally when I close my eyes it’s my characters I see. I guess I couldn’t write about them if I didn’t fantasise about them all the time, but it’s still slightly sad.

On an unrelated note, today I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was really, really good and moved me to tears atΒ  the end. I highly recommend it.

~KJT, feeling a little lonely



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