A Contest

Some of you may recall that before I went on my holiday, I made a few noises about possibly hosting another competition in honour of my official website.

Well, now it’s finished and we can begin!

It opens today, and here are the rules.

K.J.Taylor’s Design Your Own Griffin Contest

Instructions: Everyone who’s read the Fallen Moon trilogy, or its prequels, knows that Cymria is home to many griffins. They come in different sizes and varying coats, and a smaller and more colourful subspecies lives overseas in Amoran. Some live in the wild, some live in cities, and some choose humans. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, every griffin has his or her own special power.

So! Your challenge is to design your own griffin, and there are a couple of different ways to go about it.

You must give your griffin a name, a physical appearance, a power, and if you like you can also specify some other things about him or her – which of the Cymrian (or Amorani) territories they call home, if they’re wild or civilised, and whether they have a human partner.

If you want to try your hand at some artwork you can draw, paint, sculpt or even animate your griffin – but if not, a simple description in words will do. The quality of the artwork or description isn’t important; what matters is the ideas you come up with.

Your griffin should have a sensible name and a sensible power – some griffins are more powerful than others, but none of them can move mountains. Most of them will have griffish names, but partnered griffins may be renamed by their human partners. Be creative, but try not to go overboard. And, above all, have fun with it! Humorous entries are welcome as well.

Dates: All entries must be in by the 29th of November. Late entries will not be accepted! If you’re wondering if that’s November 29th Australian time or what – just submit it before the 30th comes in your own timezone and that’ll be fine.

Submit to: Me at beachcombe – homepage @ yahoo . com . au  (eliminate the spaces, of course)

Restrictions: Please keep everything PG-13. No sex related powers, thanks. (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that, but after the rape-themed fanfic entry I got in the last contest, I’m taking no chances).

Entries will be judged by me, based upon the creativity of your response. Come up with something cool and original! After the winners have been announced, all entries will be posted here with permission of the creator. If you don’t want your entry to appear here, say so when you submit it.

Prizes: Three winners will be selected, and will have a choice of prize.

An IOU for copies of each of the next three books, personally signed to you,


Your winning griffin in plush form, handmade by yours truly.

Enter now!

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