In Which the Webmaster Redeems Herself

Hey everyone! Webmaster here. Let me tell you a story.

I set out a long time ago (too long ago) to build Katie a website since she is now a super cool website so that she could have something more official than a LiveJournal.  It got started just fine, and the site went up, but only almost finished, with a few bugs to contend with.  Thing was, when I made the first version of the site, or the first WordPress theme, I didn’t really know much about how those things were really put together, hence the bugs.  For example, add too many items on the menu and the alignment of everything else on the page gets screwed up.  Now there’s some noob CSS for you.

In the time after launching the first iteration of the site and before launching this spiffy new one, I learned a lot about WordPress development.  A LOT.  I learned more about CSS and how not to break the entire layout if one tiny thing gets out of place, and I learned about how to construct solid, modular, and stable WordPress themes from the ground up.

So I took my new knowledge and instead of just fixing/adding to the existing theme, I built a whole new one from scratch.  I was fortunate enough to be hit in the head last weekend with some artistic inspiration (sadly rather rare these days) and instated new graphical elements (that look way better than my original ideas) and typographical elements.  I think all the studying of typography and old school book design finally came through.  And I came through at long last, burst forth from the haze of my scatter-brain with a complete design!

The best authors and the best friends deserve the best websites.  Remember that, guys.  Be the friend that delivers.

(I hope you like it, Katie!)

Neato text ornament here