We Need to Talk

Tonight I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin, a movie so sobering I could have slammed down a bottle of scotch in the cinema, and walked out legal to drive (that is, if I’d ever learned how to drive in the first place. It’s still illegal to be drunk in charge of a bicycle, though). I cried several times during the film, and they weren’t the usual crying at a sad scene tears; they were tears of despair.

It’s one hell of a depressing movie is what I’m trying to say. But more than worth watching, if you can handle it.

(Thanks partly to the scene involving the guinea pig, when I got home I went straight to give my rat Goliath a cuddle. Rats are surprisingly cuddly, you guys!)

Anyway, in unrelated news, I’m feeling about ready to start the final installment of the third trilogy, which I’ve decided to title The Cursed Guard. The title will of course be subject to possible change in the future, but it’ll do for now. For those keeping count at home, this book will be the ninth volume in the griffin series, and at the moment I’m looking at writing up to fifteen all up, or five trilogies. As I’ve said before, that should keep me busy for a while, which is good because I’m easily bored.
I can’t speak for anyone else of course, but I’ve found that starting a novel is one of the hardest parts of the process. But I live for that hyped up feeling I get when I know I’m ready to start – when I can feel the novel rising up inside me, so to speak, ready to come out.

Hmph, it’s 1:30 am. No wonder I’m rambling. But stuff it – I’m gonna write the first little bit of the book right now! I know I’ll sleep better if I do. Wish me luck, everyone.

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