Exciting News!

You ever get that feeling like you’re not really in control of your existence? Like you’re stuck being you and living your boring life whether you like it or not? Ever wanted to be someone else?

Well, sadly this isn’t the universe of Being John Malkovitch (love that movie, and I found the soundtrack at ComicCon!), but sometimes the time comes when you just gotta stand up and take control of your life, and put it in the direction you want it to go in. And that’s what I, K.J.Taylor, am doing, and I’m going to start by telling the truth at last.

I hate being a fantasy author.

There, I said it.

It’s lonely, it pays in peanuts, and you get the meanest critics out of any genre, for reasons I’ve never quite been able to work out. And other authors think you’re a dork.

So today I’m announcing my decision. I’m quitting, and I’m moving on to write what I’ve always wanted to write all these years.


In fact, I’ve already finished my first manuscript, which I will be sending off to Mills and Boon tomorrow. The working title is Words of Love, and it’s about the steamy love affair between a fabulously good-looking grey-eyed authoress called Kassandre Janice Tench, and the mysterious bad-boy rock star who comes into her life after he saves it in front of an audience at the biggest rock festival of the year. Can these two star-crossed lovers possibly overcome their differences and find happiness together?

Find out!

I will, of course, publish it under a pseudonym which I have yet to choose. Suggestions are welcome!



ETA: Just in case it wasn’t already obvious… April Fool.

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