Release Dates

First of all, an apology. Lately people have been asking me when the next book (The Shadowed Throne) comes out, and I’ve been giving the wrong answer. The last three books came out at six-monthly intervals, so I got confused and forgetful and thought it would be the same for this three.

In fact the intervals this time will be nine-monthly rather than six-monthly, so the release dates for the next two books will be:

The Shadowed Throne, Australian release date April 2013 and

The Shadow’s Heart, Australian release  Jan 2014 (just in time for my 28th birthday… yikes, I’m getting old)

As mentioned before, The Shadow’s Heir will be released in America in January 2013. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to show you the cover. It’s very nice.


Finally, one last announcement from me: I’ve recently come up with a title for the fifth and final trilogy. And, of all things, I got it from a song by Radiohead. The title will be The Falling Sky.

(If you’re wondering, the song in question was Black Star from the Radiohead album The Bends. A very fine album, that one. The song includes the lyrics “Blame it on the black star/Blame it on the falling sky”).

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