Irony Alert

A month or so ago, I posted here to report that (to my great excitement) The Shadow’s Heir is being sold in airport bookshops.

I finished the post by saying “next stop, K-Mart!”, which may have come across as a joke, but was actually half serious. For American readers, K-Mart is basically a smaller, Australian version of Walmart – a superstore that sells pretty much everything, including books. But they only sell a certain kind of books – Mills and Boon romance, and bestsellers. So finding my own book there would have been a pretty big deal.

Well, now my little joke has come back to haunt me, because The Shadow’s Heir has now shown up on the shelves in-

-no, it hasn’t shown up in K-Mart, smartypants. It’s shown up in Big W, which is basically just K-Mart with a different name. And look, I have pictures to prove it!

It’s discounted, too!

Also, my interview yesterday went very well, and today I finished the substantive edit on the next book, so all in all it’s been a pretty good week for me.

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