K.J.Taylor, Master of Libraries

As anyone who’s read my books will have noticed, every Eyrie in Cymria is governed by a Council which is made up of senior griffiners. Every griffiner is referred to as a Lord or Lady just by virtue of being a griffiner, but once they’ve obtained an official position they are given the title of “Master”. An Eyrie Council is made up of the most important Masters, who hold the most powerful positions – some of which are Master of Taxation or Gold (the griffiner in charge of taxes, and sometimes the Eyrie treasury as well), Master of Law (supreme judge in charge of dispensing justice to the entire territory, and presiding over the trials of important people such as other griffiners), and Master of Healing (the most skilled doctor and master of all other medical practitioners including griffin healers).

Well, anyway, I’m pleased to announced that as of today I, too, am now a Master despite not having a griffin. I’ve just recieved my final results from my university (the University of Canberra), and have passed my last two assignments with Distinctions for both of them. This means that, pending some paperwork and my graduation ceremony, I am now a Master of Information Studies. This is a fancy way of saying that I hold a Master’s Degree in all the things you need to know to run a library or archive.

That might sound a little boring, but you’d be surprised. Archivists get to learn all sorts of interesting things!

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