Chasing Your Dreams

Have you ever had a dream? Something you wanted so badly you were prepared to do just about anything to get it? I’m sure you have.

Well, once I had a dream. It came to me some years ago, and I never gave up on it. I wanted it so much that I spent years – literally years – waiting and waiting to achieve that dream.

Now, after so long, I’ve done it, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

Yes, that’s right: now, at last, I finally have a phone that plays the theme to the old X-Men cartoon show whenever I get a call. And it plays the “you found an item!” jingle from Link’s Awakening whenever I get a text. Can you say “best phone ever”?

So remember, everybody: if you want something badly enough, sooner or later you might just get it. Don’t give up on your dreams!

Now if only someone would call me…

Neato text ornament here