The Czech Edition

As some of you may recall, The Dark Griffin is also available in the Czech Republic. It’s my favourite edition, largely thanks to the truly spectacular illustrations. It doesn’t just have the best cover; it’s also got full-page pictures inside.

Needless to say I was very happy when the Czech publisher, Zoner Press, bought the rights for The Griffin’s Flight as well. That happened over a year ago, so I recently started to wonder if it was out yet. I did some searching around and eventually concluded that no, it’s not out – but I found something else in the process: the illustrator who made the first book so beautiful has his own website, and there are some artworks on it which are clearly from The Griffin’s Flight (or Gryf?v Pád, as it’s known in Czech).

Oh, and one of those illustrations is of Arenadd’s nude scene, and yes, it’s full-frontal. It’s the seventh thumbnail from the left on the first row of the ones in black and white. You’re welcome.

Neato text ornament here