Shadow’s Heart Teasers

Well, it’s that time again. The Shadow’s Heart is only a month or two away from release, and as an early Christmas present for everybody, here are the customary teasers. Hopefully they’ll pique some interest!

  • Five major characters will die
  • Three children will be conceived, and two will be born
  • We will find out more about the assassin who tried to kill Arenadd in Shadow’s Heir
  • Skandar will return. And, after all these years, he and Senneck will finally meet face-to-face
  • We will find out what’s been happening in the South all this time
  • Prince Akhane will return
  • The last surviving member of the now-disgraced Redguard family will play a role
  • More will be revealed about the Night God
  • This book contains some of the most gruesome scenes in the entire series so far – in fact, at one point the copyeditor actually inserted a comment which simply said “urrgh”
  • Finally, as I’ve mentioned in the past, The Shadow’s Heart has a truly tragic ending. If I’ve done my job properly, a few people may shed a tear or two


The book is due to be released in Australia in January 2014 – New Year’s Day – and as always I’ll be announcing the launch party here on the site.

~KJT, who has just been asked to launch someone else’s novel!

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