Progress Report 3

Today I hit page 141. Another couple of weeks, and the very final book of the series will be complete! I’ve recently made some important decisions about the ending, one of which is a little interesting. I had an idea which I decided not to use on the grounds that it was too sentimental, but I’ve now changed my mind and am going to use it after all. I decided that a little sentiment would be a nice way to end the series, especially since I like to think I’ve been very unsentimental up until now. Accordingly, I intend to end the final book with a small reprieve for my characters (and, in the process, my readers). I just hope people do get to read it one day.

In other news, in exactly a week, on January 20th, it will be my 28th birthday! I’ll be spending it in Sydney, enjoying a nice little holiday away from the blazing heat here in Canberra, though sadly I’ll have to endure the 39 0C temperatures predicted for this week first. Thank gods I have an air-conditioning installer coming over on Wednesday. Yurts, as it turns out, can really heat up.

Finally, the contest for the second to last free e-book of Shadow’s Heart is still running! If you’d like to find out how the second trilogy ends, just answer those questions!

~KJT, feeling pleasantly sleepy after a good day’s writing

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