The Drachengott

Well, Christmas has finally come down on all our heads for another year – and now it’s time for me to give you, my readers, your present from me. Here it is – my big news which I’ve been sitting on for over a month.

Last week I signed a contract with my friends at Voyager, for five new novels to be published under their new Impulse program – worldwide. This means I will now be publishing six books next year, including Tales of Cymria with Satalyte Publishing, and this brings my total number of commercially published works up to 13. Not bad!

As for the new books with Voyager, they consist of a completely new epic fantasy series plus one standalone satirical work, and here are the details!

This is Wendland, a Germanic country whose people live under the shadow of the ancient creature known as the Drachengott. A dragon the size of a mountaintop, worshipped by people who call themselves the Jungen, the Drachengott is said to be as old as time – the all-powerful maker of the world. The Jungen serve him and are granted the gift of magic in return. The powerless Gottlosen are persecuted. And the rebellious Ketzer, Jungen who have turned traitor, use magic for their own selfish purposes.



Other, lesser dragons serve the Drachengott, and his loyal Jungen, faithful servants to their creator’s will.

All but one of them.

The black dragon. Abandoned by the Jungen who summoned her, condemned by the Drachengott himself, who names her Syn – “defiance” – she is an outcast.

I drew this one during a German class, so it's rough - but it's still the best picture I've done of her.

I drew this one during German class, so it’s rough – but it’s still the best picture I’ve done of her.

Alone and friendless, thirsting for revenge, Syn does not know which way to turn. But then a strange dream comes to her – a dream of four humans and the weapons they hold. Four humans with a special destiny: to kill the Drachengott and set Wendland free.

Trusting her visions, Syn sets out on a journey to find the four warriors she has seen, and she is prepared to guide them to their destinies at any cost – through wind and fire, earth and water, beyond death itself, to her final destination at the mountain of the Drachengott himself.

But Syn is not prepared for the very last thing she expects to find between herself and the future she dreams of – the one thing that could change everything.


(I will provide details of the standalone satire in a separate post to come – stay tuned!)

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