Broken Prophecy

Ambit and Snarl

Meet Ambit Afterman, the protagonist of my upcoming book Broken Prophecy.


Ambit is a lot of fun to write about. He’s an irresponsible, beer-swilling womaniser who’s supposed to be saving the world but won’t, because who needs all that noise? And yes he is naturally blue, and he’s happy to show you the proof if you’re up for it, sweetie.

With him is his only real friend, Snarl the demon. They met when he was just a little boy and she was an imp, and have stuck together ever since, though Snarl is hiding a dark secret.

Ambit actually has an extremely tragic backstory, but he never lets on about it. I like to think I actually made him a pretty complicated character while keeping up the satirical tone and avoiding overt exposition, leaving much of it implied.

Yes, Broken Prophecy is a satire – the first one I’ve published since my very first novel, The Land of Bad Fantasy, which came out waaay back in 2006. I only write satire when very angry, which doesn’t happen that often.

Ambit’s name actually means something, too. I came across both his first and last name in my archive (archiving means you see a *lot* of names). “Afterman” is an actual surname, albeit not a common one, which I jotted down. Meanwhile “Ambit” is a word meaning “border” or “area of influence”, and I’ve only seen it used in a sentence once. To wit: “They had come into his dark ambit”. It fits the character because he’s the Chosen One and therefore essentially the centre of the universe – not that he wants to be. And people who come into Ambit’s ambit generally end up in trouble.

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