And The Other Entries…

And finally, as promised, the remaining contest entries!

This is the other entry that came without art, so again, I drew some! Wanamore once fought in an Arena, so I added shackles to his legs.

I would like to introduce you to Wanamore, a 26 year old Griffin that makes his home on the east edge of the coppertops. He has grey fur and dark green head and scales with his wings being a combination of both and eyes such a light green they seemed to glow. He is small by Griffin standards half the size of the larger of his breed, but being so small has given him a ferocity that is rivaled by few others. His mother and siblings had all chosen humans but Wanamore couldn’t imagine trying to fly with someone on his back. After making his mind up that he would not pair with a human and realizing the chances of being chosen to mate with was slim, he decided to leave the Eaglehlom hatchery where he was born. Though he missed the fights that allowed him to use his superior speed to have his revenge on those who liked to tease him, it was not a total loss though the bears in the area put up quite a fight.

I really like this one’s name, and the storyline as well! Serathi was designed by the same person who created Pip, and since Pip was selected as a winner I didn’t feel too mean about not giving Serathi a prize as well. Nevertheless, an interesting entry with a surprisingly detailed backstory.

Name: Serathi

Age: 36yrs old

Gender: Male

Magic: He can call create snow, from soft snow fall to full on blizzards within a certain radius. The more magic he uses the larger the radius.

Origin: Coppertops; Cymria

Backstory: Serathi’s parents came from the Amorani lands, though Serathi himself was born in the Eagleholm Eyrie and at the age of 12yrs was partnered to the Master of Law a generation before Rannagon’s reign. This griffin though had a bit of an oddity; a birth defect. Unlike most of his kin, he was born with actual ears versus the concealed ear holes his brethren had, this adding to his semi colorful plumage made him stick out more so than the others. Yet with his human partner, his status grew and no other griffin dared to speak of his ears when he was in listening range.

When the Master of Law passed away due to a sudden illness, the griffin was enraged of the others not believing it was poison rather than a simple sickness, he left the eyrie and set out to the coppertops near the fringe of the wild country with his former friend’s body. No longer caring about the humans and their greedy mindset he became a wild creature. His partner’s body entombed within a huge mountain of perfectly placed rocks, the griffin thrived in the mountains environment.

The mountains were the best place for Serathi, where he was free to fly, to roam and to hunt without any humans trying to control his actions. Calling forth great snow storms that covered the peaks, using the cold as a deterrent to keep humans and other wild griffins away from his territory. His thick feathers and fur allowing the creature to take on the harsh cold the winter bestowed on the lands he called home.

Travelers and other griffiners would come through on occasion in hopes to discover more in the wind country, yet most would give the coppertops a wide birth for fear of agitating the griffin who turned his back to the humans. He never would eat them like most of the wild griffins, but his distaste for humans was as plain as day whenever he had to deal with one, most of the time giving them a single warning to leave and if ignored he would use his magic or his brute force to be rid of them. Though on rare occasions he would respect a human enough to leave them and allow safe passage but that was only if he saw worth in them, not rich bloodlines.

So he goes on living the the coppertops without any real care as to what the humans are doing, as long as he is left alone he goes about being wild, retired from any political position, always watching his partner’s tomb in case of tomb robbers and his mind lost at times to the memories of what once was and what was now.

Forever alone in his domain, a guardian of the mountain peaks.

Seltharia the Surly Griffin
Behold, the world’s only roller skating griffin! He’s a mascot for a roller derby team, and his creator was kind enough to invite me to a match. I should take her up on that. Actually, I think I recognise the background to that picture.

Name: Seltheria the Surly Griffin

Physical Appearance: Green feathers with silvery accents, a silver beak with yellow eyes.

Power: Physical strength and endurance, good communication and the ability to knock others over while wearing roller skates.

Seltheria does not have a human partner, but has worked with a certain group of humans on occasion. Seltheria is a little on the wild side, but is by no means uncivilised.

We’re a roller derby team that is part of the Canberra Roller Derby League ( I’m in the picture – the one in the back right with the hood but no glasses. Aunty Aggro (the one kneeling down on the far right) is an artist and created our griffin. I believe it’s made of cardboard, some foam and paper mache. We use it in our rollouts before bouts.

Neato text ornament here