Short Stories

A Present From Me!

Because I love you all so very much, I stayed up until 1.30am last night to write a little present for you! Journey back to the days of Old Eagleholm, when young Arren Cardockson tried to celebrate Springday with his Southerner friends – only to find what it means to be the solitary Northerner on… {read more}

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Kraal’s Choice

Read it here!  

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A Picnic on Dead Mountain

Just what happened to the city of Old Eagleholm after the events of the Cymrian Saga? For that matter, what happened to Idun Village? Centuries later, Idun’s most famous son returns home – with a few new friends…

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The First Partnership

People have sometimes asked me a very good question: since there was no big historical event, and no magic involved, just how did humans and griffins wind up living together? It’s something the books never really delved into. So I decided to tell this tale and solve the mystery for everyone.

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The Creature

WARNING: Spoilers for The Fallen Moon, again.

What was that horrible creature Bran saw at the Withypool fighting pits, and could it have anything to do with Skade and Arenadd?

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Bran the Betrayer

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for The Griffin’s War. Do not read it if you haven’t read the first three books yet!

What happened to Bran after the war, and before the beginning of The Shadow’s Heir? Why did he end up living alone and disgraced? This is Bran’s story, and the story of the fall of the Redguard family.

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The Death of a City

WARNING: Do not read this story if you haven’t read the Fallen Moon trilogy. This story is intended to be read between The Griffin’s War and The Shadow’s Heir, and contains major spoilers for the entire Fallen Moon trilogy.

This is the story of the last days of Eagleholm. What happened to the city after Arenadd left, and what happened to Roland? Find out in this sad story.

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This story is the odd one out. It has never been posted online before, but was written for and published in an issue of Aurealis Magazine, where it was even given an illustration! Now, for the first time, you can read it here.
Arren’s father Cardock proved to be a surprisingly popular minor character in the books and now, for the first time, you can read his own backstory, and the story of his father Skandar – the man whose name would later be given to a certain black griffin.

NOTE: One reader wasn’t sure how old Cardock is in this story. The answer is, about ten years old or so.

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A Party at the Eyrie

The story of how Arren met Flell. This was originally the last story posted before the release of The Dark Griffin, making it the immediate prequel. To find out what happens after this, you’ll have to buy the book!

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Arren and the Master of Trade

How did Arren become Eagleholm’s Master of Trade? As it happened, only by showing the first signs of the dark side that would eventually consume him. This is the story of the beginning of the end, and the death of Arren’s innocence.

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Arren Gets a Tattoo

When a Northern man or woman reaches maturity, their culture includes a ritual in which the boy or girl is given the ceremonial tattoos and is afterwards considered an adult. This is the story of Arenadd’s own maturing, and how he got his own tattoo.

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How did Skade become human, and what crime did she commit? This is her backstory.

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Bran and Arren

How did Branton Redguard and Arren Cardockson become best friends? And why was Arren so afraid of heights? As it happens, Arren found a best friend and a lifelong phobia on the same day.

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The Blackrobe Griffiner

How was our villanous protagonist trained, and why was he so determined to follow his ambitions in the face of everything, even at the risk of his own life? Read the story of his formative years, and find out.

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Arren and Eluna

Before Arenadd Taranisäii was Cymria’s greatest monster and the North’s greatest hero, he was just a child who fell into an extraordinary situation. And his journey began so innocently and harmlessly, with an act of kindness his home city would live to regret.

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Erian the Bastard

The backstory of Erian, bastard son of Rannagon, who in a different book would probably have been the protagonist. As it is, I like him anyway despite his arrogance, racism and room-temperature IQ.

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The Sorrows of Young Rannagon

Why was Lord Rannagon so respected? And how did he wind up with a bastard son? And why do Northerners hate him so much, even to this day? Find out here.

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Baragher’s Voyage

How was Cymria discovered, and who was the mysterious Baragher who supposedly found it? Read the unknown story from deep in Cymria’s past, before recorded history began.

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