Some Gifts For You

Since it was my birthday recently, here’s a small treat for you. And by a treat, I mean a couple of pictures I drew. But one of them is a sneak preview!

To wit:

If you read Bran the Betrayer, then you’ve met baby Laela. Here’s a picture of her when she’s a good bit older.

(Yeah, she has an attitude. If you’re wondering, that’s Bran’s sword. And it’s not supposed to be bloodied; it’s just in a sheath).

And here is a picture of Arenadd looking typically well-adjusted, which I just thought was cool.

Laela got her daddy’s jawline, dontcha reckon?

Also, I know Arenadd is a sarcastic bastard, but I reckon he could use more funny lines. I shall remember that.
I like the smirk on his face in this picture.
Neato text ornament here