Book Size

Hi everybody.
Well, I had some news from my Australian publisher today, which I think you’ll like. But first, a quick lesson in publishing!

You all know what a paperback book is, I’m sure.
Well, what you may not know is that there are three different sizes of paperback novel – A format, B format, and C format. A format is the usual – the Australian editions of The Fallen Moon were released in A format.
B format is taller and wider – I believe the American editions were B. Meanwhile C is the largest size – it’s more expensive and looks nicer, and generally the more prestigious books are released in B or C.

Well, Voyager has decided to print the next three books in C format. That’s a big vote of confidence, plus they’ll look great! Unfortunately, though, they will be more expensive as a result. But if you ask me, it’ll be worth it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

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