End of an Era

I knew about this some weeks ago, but now it’s been publicly announced I think it’s time I said something about it myself.
Stephanie Smith, the head of Voyager and the lady who was instrumental in getting The Fallen Moon published in Australia, and following that The Risen Sun as well, has resigned.

She’s been in charge of Voyager for 15 years – since the imprint was first launched, in fact, so she’s a big deal and in my opinion she’s also one of the main reasons why Voyager is the biggest and most successful fantasy publisher in Australia. On a personal level, I would also like to say what a lovely lady she is and how much I respect her. She did the major edits on all three published books, and also for The Shadow’s Heir. Before she formally leaves at the end of the month she’ll also give me the edits for book five, The Shadowed Throne. Hopefully, as she’s going to continue doing freelance editing for Voyager, she’ll edit future installments as well.

Today I found out that her replacement is a lady called Deonie Fiford, who I haven’t met but who comes highly recommended, not least by Stephanie herself! Here’s hoping I get on as well with her as I do with Stephanie, which I’m sure I will!

Gonna miss you, Stephanie. We all will.

ETA: In an odd coincidence, Stephanie informed me that she’s going to go and live in Tasmania from now on – the very same place where The Dark Griffin was born and where I wrote the first few chapters in a scrappy old notebook. Funny old thing, life. Good for her – Tasmania is an amazing place!

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