Launch Party Date

I got my notarised passport copy back from Sydney today. Now I just have to mail everything off to the IRS. Joy!

Today I also got a royalty statement from my agent, and I can now tell you that the RRP for the next three books will be $27.26 (yes, they give you royalty information for books that aren’t published yet. It’s a bit weird).

I’ve also recently settled on a date for the launch party for The Shadow’s Heir. It’s Wednesday the 11th of July at the Co-Op Bookshop at the University of Canberra. My good friend Jack Heath will be making the launching speech, and the venue is new. All in all it should be a night to remember!

As before I’ll be posting up the invitations here once they’re ready; you don’t have to be personally invited to come. My launches are open to the public, and the champagne is free!

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