What Do You Want?

Okay, everyone, a quick question for you.

Realising that my publishers and agents all want me to stick with fantasy for adults, but also aware that it’s not good to keep all your eggs in one basket, I decided that I’d better make sure that those eggs aren’t all griffin eggs (did I just strain the metaphor?).

Therefore, I hastily promised my agent that I could and would come up with another fantasy series for grownups in case we needed something else to spruik. And amazingly enough, that very afternoon when I mulled over what I might do, I came up with something more or less on the spot.

Now, I really can’t say whether the new project is for adults; aside from anything else I’ve always been terrible at picking audiences for my own work (and quite frankly, no-one else can really agree either). But however it may be I started work on a new project some time ago, and by now it’s getting toward the 50-page mark and looking strong enough that I know it’ll be finished rather than petering out like some of my previous efforts.

It’s at this point that I’ve started wondering whether any of you might be interested in seeing it for yourselves, especially considering that there’s been no major news or much of interest going on here lately. So I’m asking you now to see what you think. I can just post up a short summary of what the story’s about, or I can go so far as to put up an extract. Or I can do both.


Which would you prefer? Don’t be shy; comment and let me know, and verily, thy wish shalt be mine command!

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