Are You Visually Impaired? Well Then, Good News!

Today my Australian publisher contacted me with a surprising request: they want to release a large print version of The Shadow’s Heir for the visually impaired. Naturally, I said yes. If only my great-grandfather was alive to see it (he died before I ever got published, but he’s the only guy I ever met who read large-print books). I don’t know if they’ll change the cover, but I’m willing to bet it’ll be really thick.

And now I have to go to bed, because the long weekend starts tomorrow, and I’m going on holiday to the beach (attention, America: still being under the thumb of the British crown means we get a public holiday on the Queen’s birthday. See, there’s benefits to not becoming an independent nation! Not that we don’t want to be, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. We’re busy).

Neato text ornament here