Arenadd’s Rap Sheet

Just for fun, I thought I’d make a list of our hero/villain’s numerous crimes. Lady Elkin had quite a lot to go through at the beginning of Griffin’s War, and this was before the war.

Let me know if I missed anything out – either way, I don’t think there’s a court that would try him by this point.

  •  Numerous counts of theft
  •  1 count of arson
  •  Approximately 173 counts of murder
  •  Assault
  •  2 charges of high treason
  •  Sedition
  •  1 count of consorting with rebels
  •  1 count of releasing a dangerous griffin in a populated area
  •  1 count of attempted infantacide
  •  1 count of kidnapping and extortion
  • Blasphemy
  •  Resisting arrest
  •  1 count drunk and disorderly
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