Oz ComicCon

Iā€™m now home from Melbourne, where I attended one of three Oz ComicCons, and had an absolute blast. Iā€™d like to thank the Collins St Dymocks, who hosted the stall where I spent most of my time and signed a lot of books ā€“ more than we expected, since we sold out of copies of The Dark Griffin on the first day!

Iā€™d also like to thank the organisers, who really took good care of me and the other guests. Not only was lunch laid on for us in the Green Room, but they even organised for there to be Tim Tams for our overseas visitors (Tim Tams being a sadly unknown luxury item in America and possibly the UK as well), and went even further than that by getting the Melbourne Zoo to bring in some Australian animals. Those were also intended for our international visitors, but I went to see them anyway, and got to hold a giant snake, a Tawny Frogmouth owl, a ranbow lorikeet and an adorable fluffy dingo pup, which had a good old chew on my wrist.

I got to do a Q & A panel on the second day, which went very well ā€“ a big thanks to the audience for helping along and asking some interesting questions (also thanks to them for not asking me where I get my ideas; I think we’re all a little tired of that one).

And finally, Iā€™d like to give a shout out to my booth mate, artist Doug Holgate, who gave me a free print of one of his works! If you’re into comic books, be sure to check out his co-creation about the zombie Romans. It was very popular.

At the end of the con, the organisers asked me if I’d like to come back next year. I said I’d love to (rumour has it, so did Stan Lee – the fans will be very pleased about that! I just wish I’d taken the opportunity to ask him why the Prime Minister called and wanted to speak to him. Maybe she’s a big Spider-Man fan or something).

Me at the Dymocks booth, taken by a helpful cosplayer. They even let me keep the big poster behind me!


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