I, Cyborg

Did I ever mention that my father is a journalist? Well, he is. He has his own radio program, on which he has interviewed some very prestigious guests, and he writes a regular newspaper column. He also, at the moment, is busy organising a discussion panel for Science Week. He’s a science enthusiast, and puts a lot of his time and energy into promoting science in general. On one occasion he even asked me to go to an awards ceremony for a smartphone apps design contest, and interview the contestants in his place, which I did despite never having interviewed anyone before, or even owning a smartphone of any kind. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway, now my dad has made it into the newspapers – this time as an interviewee – and since it’s an online article, you can see it for yourself! If you’re in the area, please do come to the panel. I’m going myself, and not just to support my father.

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