A Panel at the UC

A couple of weeks ago I was given the honour of introducing a discussion panel involving no less a pair of fellow authors than Garth Nix and Morris Gleitzman, both of whom are very big names here in Australia. The panel moderator was an ABC radio personality named Genevieve Jacobs, and she and the two authors were joined by four highschoolers – one of whom I already knew from my old job (hence my comment about “a very different red shirt” – I wore a uniform for that job).

Anyway, the whole thing was videoed and is now on YouTube for all to see. You can also see a speech given by my mentor Belle Alderman, who trained me in the noble art of archiving and who was the one who asked me to get involved in the event. It was a fantastic evening all round.

~KJT, feeling a little self-conscious but proud

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