Win The Shadow’s Heart!

…And not in the romantic sense!

I have four codes for free electronic copies of The Shadow’s Heart, which are valid worldwide. In other words, if you’re in America or Canada, you can use one to get your copy of the book before 2015!

The codes can be used on an iPad, Android, or even a computer, so pretty much anyone should be able to use them – but first you have to win one!

The first code will go to the first person who can answer these three questions:

  1. Where did Erian grow up, and what was his mother’s name?
  2. Who were the Mighty Skandar’s parents?
  3. In which city was Bran Redguard put on trial for treason?

Answer now and be a lucky winner!

~KJT, who recently signed up for German classes. Das is sehr gut!

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