Ambit and Snarl

So the Big Day is here – and now it’s time for some details on my other upcoming project! And here we go.

Ambit Afterman is the Chosen One. Born with the mark of the silver bellflower on his palm and given a magical spear, he is the one whose coming the prophecy foretold.

When he was only a boy his home was destroyed and his family slaughtered by demons who hoped to slay the Chosen One before the prophecy could be fulfilled.

Now, it is Ambit’s destiny to embark upon a mighty quest to slay the nine Demon Lords in their volcano lairs, avenge his family, and so drive demonkind from his homeland forever.

Unfortunately, he would much rather drink beer and get laid – destiny can go fuck itself.

Together with his demon friend Snarl, Ambit sets out on a mighty quest – to make sure the prophecy doesn’t come true, and avoid doing anything heroic under any circumstances. Along the way he will make polite conversation with demons, not deliver any great speeches, not train with the wise monks, and weasel his way out of adventure and into the nearest pub. But there may just be time to have cheap sex with the beautiful princess along the way.

There isn’t a map this time around, because I was too lazy to draw one. There also isn’t any artwork I was prepared to share, because lazy. This seemed rather appropriate, so I decided to leave it at that.

Ambit and Snarl (working title only), coming in 2015 – the only novel in which a major plot point was decided upon by the author flipping a coin.

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