The Southern Star


Little Red and Kraego

When we were editing The Shadow’s Heart, the editor asked me why Kearney “Red” Redguard and Kraego, son of Skandar, were in the book since neither of them did very much. My answer? “They’re there because they’re the protagonists of the next trilogy”. And now I can finally reveal that I have just signed a contract for that trilogy, and it will be released next year by Satalyte in both ebook and printed form. And the covers will be something very special – I promise!

The third trilogy of the Cymrian Saga is called The Southern Star, and now I shall say more about it.

War is coming. North will fight South once more. A new Shadow That Walks will rise, and the last Redguard will set out to reclaim his family’s honour. And, trapped in the void by his master’s side, Arenadd Taranisaii watches… and waits…

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