And The Series Continues!

I am delighted to inform you that the next three installments of the Cymrian Saga, the trilogy known as The Southern Star, is now under contract with Satalyte Publishing! The first book is currently being edited, and covers and internal illustrations for all three books will be provided by the brilliant Amber Goodhart.

The Southern Star follows on from The Shadow’s Heart, and follows the story of Kearney “Red” Redguard, nephew of Bran Redguard and the last of the one-great Redguard family. Now a guardsman in his home city of Liranwee, Red is loyal and steadfast to a fault – but perhaps a bit too ambitious for his own good. And yet in the North, King Caedmon Taranisaii is preparing to make good on the promise he made to his people on the day of his coronation: War is coming. In the South, a great black griffin roams the land, warning of the danger to come. And in the void the Night God watches, while Arenadd’s tortured spirit stands by her side and silently plots his escape…


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