And The Series Has a New Home!

Hi everybody! It gives me great pleasure to finally announce that I’ve just signed a contract to continue the Cymrian Saga with Black Phoenix Publishing, the publishing collective which did such a great job with The Price of Magic.

The Last Guard is scheduled for re-release in December of this year, and the sequels will follow in 2018.  The ridiculously talented Amber Goodhart is still on board to do the covers plus internal illustrations. For now, here’s a picture I drew of Cadfael the Scholar (last seen in Tales of Cymria) exploring the ruins of Old Eagleholm. Long-time readers may recognise the pub sign from the Sign of the Red Rat, where Arren Cardockson spent many happy evenings with his friends before their lives fell apart. To this day, Arenadd thinks of the Red Rat as “the place where we were happy”.

Neato text ornament here