The Latest

Apologies for the lack of updates lately – until very recently I’ve been locked out of my own website (thanks for nothing, WordPress) and there hasn’t been too much of substance to report in any case. I’ll begin with the bad news. The bad news is that Burning Willow Press, the publisher which was handling Power’s Curse and its sequels, has shut down and consequently the trilogy is now in need of a new home. The Drachengott series, meanwhile, has likewise been withdrawn from sale because I requested the rights back from HarperCollins Voyager.

The good news is that I’ve since found a new home for The Drachengott, and am now working on a number of exciting new projects including my first picture book, a science fiction novel, and a crime thriller. I’ve also accepted a position at a publishing company as manager of their newly formed speculative fiction division.

And I have very recently welcomed the birth of my nephew, Rowan James Hepple! I’m still coming to terms with the idea of being an aunt. 😮

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