The Status of the Cymrian Saga

After some mucking about and a lot of waiting, I have finally found a new publisher for the Cymrian Saga since Satalyte Publishing closed its doors. More details will follow once the contract is signed, but I can reveal that we plan to move forward with the series next year, and that Amber Goodhart is still on board to provide illustrations for the next three books, and hopefully the rest of the series after that!

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Good News, Everyone!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have just recently signed a contract with Burning Willow Press, a publisher based in the US! The deal is for a new fantasy trilogy called The Rebel Lion. It’s not related to any of my previous works, and takes place in an entirely new setting.

And yes, this is the “news” I hinted at before the site went down! The Rebel Lion has a lot more magic than the Cymrian Saga, but is about as dark and grim as it is because that’s just kinda how I roll. The covers will be done by the great Amber Goodhart, and the first book is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of 2018. Stay tuned!

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And We’re Back!

Hey everybody!  is back up and running at last! Many many apologies for the long absence. The site was temporarily taken down by the service provider thanks to a hack-in by person or persons who I sincerely hope will die a horrible gory  death. It took a while to find out how much damage they had done and then fix it. I’ve had to disable commenting on the site since this can be exploited by hackers to break in.

Either way we’re back now, thank all that’s unholy, and I will soon have some exciting news to announce! For now I leave you with this image, and a question. Why does destiny always choose the young and foolish, rather than the old and wise?

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Closure of Satalyte Publishing

It is with great regret that I announce that Satalyte Publishing, the publisher that produced Tales of Cymria and The Last Guard and was under contract for two further novels by me has shut down. The rights for all four books have reverted to me, and I am currently trying to find a new home for them. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience; this is not something I expected to happen, and after so much hard work and determination from a lot of very talented and dedicated people it’s sad that it ended this way. The publishing industry is not in a very good state at the moment, and we’re doing our best to carry on and find a way, the way we always do.

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New Merchandise Page Added

Custom cover art merchandise is now available – find a link on our brand new “Merchandise” page! Expect more to follow!

(I already bought my Last Guard t-shirt, and it’s fantastic).

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It’s Out!

The next installment of the Cymrian Saga, The Last Guard, is now available for preorder! Release date is the 30th of September, so you won’t have to wait long!


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