Conventions and Elections

Despite being a naturally opinionated person, I don’t have strong political opinions of any kind, and generally try and stay out of that kind of discussion. But even I’m not completely oblivious, so I do at least know that the American presidential election took place today.

Last night I had a dream that I met Obama. I was on a street somewhere and he came by, surrounded by excited people. I saw him and called out “hey, Obama – you’re awesome!”. He smiled and waved back and said “thanks!” before going on his way. By my standards, it was a very realistic dream – I did exactly what I would do (or want to do) if I did actually see him in real life, and he most likely did what he would do in the same situation.

That being so, I’m very happy to hear the news that he’ll be getting a second term. Good for him. And, hopefully, good for America.


Back on the topic of news relevant to myself, I’m pleased to announce that I will be an official guest at the Oz ComicCon in Adelaide next year. I will be doing a signing as I did at the Melbourne Oz ComicCon this year, as well as a reading and two Q&A sessions, so I’ll be very busy! And hopefully there’ll be a green room as there was in Melbourne, so I’ll get to meet William Shatner during my lunch break. Which would be awesome.

I’ve also applied to be a guest at Supanova in Sydney next year, and will let you know how it turns out. I love going to conventions.

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