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Yurt Sweet Yurt

So April is over, and the cons are done with, and I can finally rest – and do some writing again, which is just as well, because the substantive edit for The Shadow’s Heart is due back this month. Three cons. Two Supanovas, and a Conflux/Natcon to follow. How do I sum it all up?… {read more}

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An Historic Event

Today two astonishing things happened. (It’s odd how things tend to happen all at once; I can go for weeks or months without a single really exciting thing happening, and then two of ’em happen on the same day). First, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just been formally invited to be a guest at… {read more}

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Conventions and Elections

Despite being a naturally opinionated person, I don’t have strong political opinions of any kind, and generally try and stay out of that kind of discussion. But even I’m not completely oblivious, so I do at least know that the American presidential election took place today. Last night I had a dream that I met… {read more}

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