Moving Day

We all know that September the 11th is an important date, and a solemn one as well. And even though I was only fifteen when 9/11 became, well, 9/11, I remember it very well today, and I think I always will.

But from now on I’ll have another, much happier reason to remember September the 11th, because this year it became the day that I finally moved into my new home.

It’s small but very comfortable, and there’s more than enough room for myself and my rats. It’s got everything I need. But even if it were a shack in the middle of a swamp it wouldn’t matter, because the most important thing about it is that it’s mine. My own little home to take care of, and come back to every day.

And yes of course I’m going to throw a party in it. Did you even need to ask? It may have to be a garden party, though.

Yes, I did paint that monster on the fridge.

Yes, I did paint that monster on the fridge. No, that’s its leg.


~KJT, who just watched the very first episode of Breaking Bad and is already hooked.

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