A Special Day

Today, the 20th of January, is a special day.

What day is that? My birthday, of course! I’ve just turned 27 years old, and I’m somehow still alive.  What a ghastly thought.

This year I finally caved in and asked for an e-reader. I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart, and I’ll always love printed books, but like most of my fellows I’ve faced up to the fact that e-books are The Future. And, quite frankly, I’ve run out of room on my bookshelf. Also, I’ll be able to play Minecraft on my new little device – it’s not strictly an e-reader; it’s a tablet thingy which you can use as an e-reader. More versatile than a Kobo, and shinier too.

~KJT, with the champagne giggles

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