Going Nuts With Nightwish

Well, I can now say that I’ve finally seen Nightwish live in concert – something I’ve wanted to do for years. It was freaking amazing.

I slapped myself on the leg in time to the beat, and did it so hard I gave myself a huge swollen bruise, which is still there. Afterwards I was completely exhausted, but in the best way. I’ve always wanted to do that – go and see a band I really, really love, and just let myself go wild. It was glorious. Just glorious.

It must also have really given my muse a kick in the arse, because last night I somehow succeeded in coming up with an idea for a new book – in my sleep. And I don’t mean that I had a dream that gave me an idea – I mean that I woke up with the plot, setting and protagonist all laid out in my head. I regularly plot my dreams while having them, simply because I’m so used to controlling stories in my mind that it’s become a subconscious habit. But this is the only one that was actually interesting enough, and made enough sense, that it’s worth writing down. I spent most of today mulling it over, and I haven’t changed my mind, so that’s a good sign.

It’s too soon to share any details right now, but I do have a working title. At the moment, I’m calling it Freaks. So keep an eye out for that, I guess – barring any unforeseen circumstances I’ll probably be saying something about it here later.

~KJT, full of passion

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