As of today, previous visitors to the site will have noticed that this is no longer the first page you see on arriving here. I’ve changed a setting so you now see the “About the Author” page first, since as people have pointed out, it’s a bit less bewildering to first-time visitors. The management apologises for any inconvenience and/or confusion this may cause, etc.

In the meantime, I have a question for anyone reading this: would you like it if I wrote more short prequel stories for the site? I haven’t done any in quite a while, but I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should go back to it. Is there a character you’d like to learn more about, or something else you’d like to see expanded? Don’t be shy; I want to know what you think.

~KJT, who is now close to 100 pages into book 13, and slightly scared.

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