The End

Well, I’ve outdone myself at last. Today, in an even longer than usual eight and a half hour writing session, I wrote a ridiculous 34 pages and finished book 13. It took me one month and five days – a new record!

It came in at 202 typed pages, 115,325 words and 25 chapters. I tend to aim for 200 pages minimum when I write a new book, so I’m satisfied. (If you’re wondering, I’ve found that when in print a book generally has twice as much pages as it did as a manuscript – so if it gets published it’ll be about 404 pages long in print).

…Actually, I’m mostly just completely exhausted. I had made plans to take two writing days this week, because I thought that’s what I would need if I wanted to finish it this week. Looks like I get Wednesday off, though I don’t know what I’ll do with it; go to the movies or something, maybe. In any case, the little holiday I’m going on this weekend will feel very well-earned indeed.

~KJT, feeling a little dizzy and suffering possible RSI in her left wrist, and no wonder.

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