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…It’s Over

That’s it. It’s done. The series is finished. A couple of minutes ago I wrote the final words of the final book. It came in at 195 pages – slightly short, but I write my books to be as long as they need to be. I don’t really know what to say now. I know… {read more}

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Another Ending

This afternoon, at about 2:18pm, I finished writing book fourteen, which is currently titled The Final War. It clocked in at 201 pages and 116,777 words. In spite of a couple of hiatuses I managed to finish it in less than the standard two months – I began it at the end of June, and… {read more}

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The End

Well, I’ve outdone myself at last. Today, in an even longer than usual eight and a half hour writing session, I wrote a ridiculous 34 pages and finished book 13. It took me one month and five days – a new record! It came in at 202 typed pages, 115,325 words and 25 chapters. I… {read more}

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The End (Again)

Today I finished book twelve, The Serpent’s Bite, which is the final installment of the Eastern Horizon trilogy, aka trilogy number four. I finished it in about two and a half months, which is pretty good by my standards. It clocked in at 120, 618 words and 208 pages, though of course that might change… {read more}

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The End of The Cursed Guard

It is now just before the stroke of midnight, and I have just finished writing book 9, The Cursed Guard. It’s a tad on the short side, but it’ll be a long time before that becomes an issue. For now, all that matters is that I’ve told the story as I wanted to tell it,… {read more}

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