Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Given the fact that it’s to do with monsters and dead people I should approve of Halloween a lot more than I do, but in reality I find it vaguely annoying. Here in Australia it’s considered an “American” holiday (despite the fact that it probably originated in the UK), so a lot of us find it irritating that the shops keep trying to push it on us. Naturally that hasn’t stopped some of the local kids from trying to go trick or treating (being kids, they’ll do anything if there’s a chance of free sweets), but it still hasn’t quite caught on.

As for me, I suddenly become incapable of answering my door on Halloween night. Tonight, though, I’m going to go one further and actually be out. I think I may be the Grinch of Halloween, but there’s something weirdly enjoyable about grumpily refusing to join in on other people’s fun.

With all that said, though, Happy Halloween to my American readers! I hope you have a good time, and nobody’s going to accuse you of trying to copy the Americans, so you’re at an advantage there.

Neato text ornament here