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News about Katie and her books

A Phoenix is Rising…

More good news! I have recently teamed up with a new publishing company which is currently setting up in Queensland, and they will be publishing my novel The Price of Magic later this year. Want an advance copy? All you have to do is donate!

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New Interview!

Miss me? I know I did. I’ve just been interviewed by the lovely Tsana Dolichva as part of her Author Snapshot series of interviews!  

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Good News, Everyone!

I’m very pleased to report that after a few hiccups, the publication of the next three books of the Cymrian Saga is going ahead! Editing on the first volume is now complete, and we’ll shortly begin the publicity campaign. Stop by the official Facebook page for the series for regular updates!

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Surprise! I’m back with another blog post! Sometimes Facebook just doesn’t cut it, and especially when you want to write something a bit longer. Unfortunately, the next trilogy of the Cymrian Saga has been delayed thanks to the publisher going on temporary hiatus. Rest assured that if the company does fall through for whatever reason,… {read more}

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And The Series Continues!

I am delighted to inform you that the next three installments of the Cymrian Saga, the trilogy known as The Southern Star, is now under contract with Satalyte Publishing! The first book is currently being edited, and covers and internal illustrations for all three books will be provided by the brilliant Amber Goodhart. The Southern… {read more}

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A New Audio Trailer!

An audio trailer for The Drachengott is now online! Made by the great Natalie Van Sistine, with script and additional voicework by yours truly.

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The Plight of the Wombat

My first foray into professional journalism – I’m so proud! Yes, that wombat seriously did try to eat my shoes. And my leg. I have photographic proof.  

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A Present From Me!

Because I love you all so very much, I stayed up until 1.30am last night to write a little present for you! Journey back to the days of Old Eagleholm, when young Arren Cardockson tried to celebrate Springday with his Southerner friends – only to find what it means to be the solitary Northerner on… {read more}

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Hasan’s Plight

One of my favourite minor characters I’ve written is a refugee. He emigrated from his people’s homeland to a foreign country, where he became fiercely loyal to his adopted culture. But then his new home country declared war on his people’s country, and all of a sudden he wasn’t welcome because he looked like the… {read more}

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The Drachengott 4: Water Review!

And now a review for the fourth and last (for the time being!) installment of The Drachengott! Thankyou once again, Tsana!

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