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It’s all about the fans!

An Historic Event

Today two astonishing things happened. (It’s odd how things tend to happen all at once; I can go for weeks or months without a single really exciting thing happening, and then two of ’em happen on the same day). First, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just been formally invited to be a guest at… {read more}

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Given the fact that it’s to do with monsters and dead people I should approve of Halloween a lot more than I do, but in reality I find it vaguely annoying. Here in Australia it’s considered an “American” holiday (despite the fact that it probably originated in the UK), so a lot… {read more}

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The Griffin’s Flight Audio Trailer, In All its Glory!

Today is a very exciting day! Many of you will do doubt recall the amazing audio trailer for The Dark Griffin, made by Natalie Van Sistine and some of her friends.  It was an entry in my Fan Creation Contest a year or so ago, and for obvious reasons (obvious once you’ve listened to it)… {read more}

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A Question For You

As I said in my last post I’ve just added a new page to the site for short stories. Now I’m considering adding a second one, but I’ve decided to consult you, the viewers of this website. I’m considering adding a page for character portraits and descriptions. Would you be interested in such a page?… {read more}

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Fanart Ahoy!

It’s been a disgracefully long time, but I’ve finally updated the Fanart page and now it has quite a lot of art on it. I’ve credited wherever I knew the artist’s name, but if you see something of yours there and it’s uncredited, or incorrectly credited, please do let me know and I’ll fix it… {read more}

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